GRIT Signing @ Augusta Barnes & Noble

Want a signed copy of GRIT? On Sunday, August 13, from 1-2 p.m., I’ll be the official greeter at the doors of the Augusta Barnes & Noble, signing, chatting, and giving away free book swag. Plus, I always bring chocolate. It’s gonna be real, people! Hope to see you there.

Read My Guest Post On Writers Digest’s Guide to Literary Agents Blog

Go here to read my thoughts on how opening your work to critique can help you land your dream agent. Even though writing has been my all-encompassing passion for most of my life, very few people I’m close to had actually read my work before GRIT came out. Putting myself out there in a face-to-face critique situation proved to be one of the best decisions of my life. Follow the link to read more!



Free Book Friday Giveaway: GRIT

GRIT is featured in this week’s Free Book Friday giveaway! Go here to enter for your chance to win one of three free copies of the book of my heart.



Thank You, Sherman’s Books!

My GRIT signing at Sherman’s Books & Stationary of Bar Harbor was a big success! Met some folks, signed some books, and had a great time talking with the lovely staff. Plus, I had the cute guy standing behind me there for moral support–who could ask for more?

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Tomorrow: GRIT Signing @ Sherman’s Books of Bar Harbor

I’ll be signing GRIT at Sherman’s Books of Bar Harbor tomorrow @ 1 p.m.! What’s the difference between a book talk and a signing, you ask? This time, I’ll be hanging out at a table, giving away free book swag and chocolate, signing copies, and talking with anybody who happens to pass by. Stop in–I’d love to meet you!

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I am sooo pleased to say that Kirkus gave TDTJ a glowing review! You can read it here.

“Chilling and suspenseful, this paranormal thriller with a touch of romance will keep readers on the edges of their seats.”

–Kirkus Reviews


GRIT Audiobook = Wicked Cool

IMG_1058.JPGGot my copy of the GRIT audiobook! I was so excited to start listening yesterday…and, wow, Caitlin Davies totally captured my teens and their world. Blown away! Her Kat and Nell are especially good, and I can’t wait to hear her read some of the climactic scenes between Darcy, Jesse, and Shea. So fortunate to have GRIT turned into performance art!

GRIT Debut Dish Giveaway

Hop over to That Artsy Reader Girl, where  GRIT is among several featured YA books in The Debut Dish! Awesome blogger Jana is running a GRIT giveaway including a signed copy of the book, swag, and a nifty keychain!

GRIT Origins: The Quarry

The paid-out granite quarry in GRIT, where the local kids swim and party, was one of the few major landmarks in the book that wasn’t inspired by the Bucksport, ME area. There are over 115 granite quarries across the state of Maine, so I used my handy artistic license to teleport one to the fictional town of Sasanoa.

Why? Years ago, I read this article, which really got my mental wheels turning about the innate eeriness of such places, especially since they so often end up being used as the town swimming hole. Black water that just sits there, growing older, a seemingly bottomless pit.

In spite of that, or maybe because of it, Darcy and Jesse’s early morning swim was one of the scenes I most enjoyed while writing GRIT: the rising sun reflecting off the still water, palpable tension between girl and boy as they raced each other around the circumference, Darcy having her own reasons for needing to prove her strength.

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