The Door to January – A Review

A fantastic early review of THE DOOR TO JANUARY by The Geeky Yogi!

The Geeky Yogi

Whaaaat? I’m actually doing what I said yesterday and am posting this review today? Shocking I know, but I’m determined to stay on track! NO EXCUSES. Anyway…

A few months ago I was lucky enough to be contacted by Anna from Island Port Press to hop on board the upcoming blog tour for Gillian French’s new book The Door To January, naturally I jumped at the chance. A couple of short days later a copy of the book arrived in the mail and in July I finally had a moment to read it…I devoured it within a couple of days.

The Door To January is part coming of age, part mystery and part ghost story, oooooo. Considered a paranormal thriller this book has all of the makings for the perfect ghost story! Sixteen-year-old Natalie Payson is being drawn back to the home town her and her parents fled, after a terrible…

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