GRIT Origins: The Quarry

The paid-out granite quarry in GRIT, where the local kids swim and party, was one of the few major landmarks in the book that wasn’t inspired by the Bucksport, ME area. There are over 115 granite quarries across the state of Maine, so I used my handy artistic license to teleport one to the fictional town of Sasanoa.

Why? Years ago, I read this article, which really got my mental wheels turning about the innate eeriness of such places, especially since they so often end up being used as the town swimming hole. Black water that just sits there, growing older, a seemingly bottomless pit.

In spite of that, or maybe because of it, Darcy and Jesse’s early morning swim was one of the scenes I most enjoyed while writing GRIT: the rising sun reflecting off the still water, palpable tension between girl and boy as they raced each other around the circumference, Darcy having her own reasons for needing to prove her strength.

Image result for pics hallowell maine quarry

4 thoughts on “GRIT Origins: The Quarry

  1. For some of us scaredy cats, the bottomlessness and the legends of the local quarry were flat out creepy, but we still jumped in and kept our fingers crossed that some ancient, cursed quarry creature wouldn’t pull us down down down into the black depths of no return !


  2. It’s interesting how people look at a certain place in different ways. I once thought of it as a ‘cool’ place to go with my Cousins from Frankfort, and at the time it was the place to go. As time passed, there were a few deaths there that i know of, and it’s whole meaning took a different turn. At the same time, i’ve taken some great creative photos there a couple times. The last (and final) time i was there, i felt a sense of strange surroundings, and not because of the deaths or a negative out look, i had a positive and open mind, but because at one point, i felt the air get thick with an odd vibe, when all of a sudden, i noticed the birds stopped chirping and it was complete silence, in an odd way. Interesting, how a place can have so many different out looks and feelings.


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