GRIT Movie Dream Cast

You guys, I had so much fun with this! Okay, so the movie rights to GRIT haven’t sold or anything, but imagine if they did! This is my own personal dream cast, which transcends laws of time/space. Some actors have had a few decades shaved off their ages; others don’t have the same physical traits as the character, but I cast them anyway because they share certain qualities which make them totally perfect for the part. Have any suggestions? Leave them in the comments below!

Young Mary Stuart Masterson as Darcy
Emmy Rossum as Nell
Shannon Purser as Mags
Young Kathleen Turner as Mom
O-Lan Jones as Aunt Libby
Young Jason London as Jesse
Alexander Koch as Shea
Young Juliette Lewis as Kat
mrs hartwell
Kathy Bates as Mrs. Hartwell
brad ellis
Young Brad Dourif as Mr. Ellis
mr gaudreau
Chelcie Ross as Mr. Gaudreau


4 thoughts on “GRIT Movie Dream Cast

  1. Margo Martindale as Mrs. Wardwell, Girli as Katt, Anne-Marie as Maggs, Lucas Hedges as Shea Gaines, Sophia Watson as Nell, Haley Bennett as Darcy

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