GRIT Origins: Penobscot Narrows Bridge

“Hardly a place in town you can’t see that bridge from….”–Darcy

This is the real Penobscot Narrows Bridge, which looms in the background of GRIT, a constant reminder of Darcy’s past, and who she believes she’s fated to be.

I grew up about three minutes down the road from this spot, though at that time the spooky old Waldo-Hancock Bridge stood in the PNB’s place.

I had countless dreams about that bridge over the years, usually involving running across it as the asphalt crumbled and wires snapped, or hurtling off it in a car, bracing myself for fatal impact. Sometimes I still do. When I sat down to write a story about a girl growing up in Hancock County, this bridge seemed like a necessary element. Dominating the horizon, inescapable.


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