Official GRIT Playlist

At last, I can write this post!

Guys, I’ve been mentally piecing this together since GRIT was in its infancy. I love it when authors create a playlist to go with their novel, whether it’s songs they listened to during the writing process, or tunes that echo certain emotions found in the pages. I think linking stories with music fuses the connection between reader/writer/book on the gut level, exactly where that oh my God I love this song feeling is born. Some books demand a full theatrical score, while others are a mashup of old faves and new discoveries to be enjoyed at random.

For me, GRIT is a list of favorites, songs that embody the rustic flavor of the rural Maine setting and the rawness of the emotions Darcy and her friends experience, songs I’ve listened to over and over again during different stages of my life. You’ll see some artists more than once on this list; in fact, Kathleen Edwards’s album Failer and Lucinda Williams’s Car Wheels On a Gravel Road could pretty much be the soundtrack for the whole book. Anyway, I’ve linked each song to the corresponding music video, audio track, or live performance on YouTube. If you have any songs in mind that occurred to you while reading GRIT, I’d love to hear about it in the comments section below!

GRIT Playlist:

Car Wheels On a Gravel Road – Lucinda Williams

Candy’s Room – Bruce Springsteen

Hockey Skates – Kathleen Edwards

Girl from the North Country – Dave Mallett

Weakest Moments – John Mellencamp

Night Moves – Bob Seger

Better Man – Pearl Jam

Sweet Little Duck (Nell’s song) – Kathleen Edwards

Joy – Lucinda Williams

Furnace Room Lullaby – Neko Case

Run Like Hell – Kittie

Summerlong – Kathleen Edwards

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