What the…?

Last night I dreamt that someone made a film version of GRIT, but completely threw out the plot, keeping only the character names. They turned it into a terrible B-movie about a high school class taking a field trip to a haunted forest? Carnage ensued.

I’m not sure what that means, but GRIT is hitting shelves in six days (six days!) and I suspect my subconscious is sending up flares. Excitement! Anxiety! Learning how to navigate author appearances! OMG I hope I don’t crash and burn! And so on.

It’s taken over a year to bring GRIT to fruition, and most of my life to become a real published author. I’m getting an incredible opportunity, and I want everything to go perfectly. Maybe my subconscious is reminding me that nothing ever does. That sometimes life is a B-movie, and what better way to enjoy a B-movie than to sit back, put your feet up, and mock it a la Mystery Science Theater 3000?

Anyway, off to write. Sweet dreams, folks.


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