THE DOOR TO JANUARY Now Available for Pre-Order


So excited to say that my upcoming YA paranormal thriller, THE DOOR TO JANUARY, coming from Islandport Press on 9/5/2017, is now available for pre-order! Hop on over to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, or Indiebound, and reserve your copy today.

Read on for the plot description:

Ever since sixteen-year-old Natalie Payson moved away from her hometown of Bernier, Maine, she’s had nightmares. And not just the usual ones. These are inside her, pulling her, calling her back, drawing her to a door, a house, a place, a time. Full of fear, full of danger. So this summer, Natalie’s going back to Bernier to face up to a few things: the reason she left town in the first place; the boy she’s trying hard not to trust; and the door in her dreams. But once she goes through the door, into a murky past, she’s entangled in someone else’s world. And only Natalie can help right the wrongs of both the past and the present. Breakthrough author Gillian French skillfully weaves together themes of small town bullies, unsolved murders, time travel, and the force of the spirit in this gripping paranormal thriller.

2 thoughts on “THE DOOR TO JANUARY Now Available for Pre-Order

    1. Yahoo! Thank you!

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