BIG NEWS: Islandport Press to Publish My YA Novel THE DOOR TO JANUARY in 2017!

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This week, I received some amazing, mind-blowing, life-changing news: Islandport Press wants to publish my YA supernatural suspense novel, The Door to January.  As many of you know, finding publication for one of my novels has been a long journey, fraught with countless rejections and near-misses.  Then, last Tuesday, the phone call came from Melissa Kim, Senior Editor of Children’s Books at Islandport.  And everything changed.

At first, I couldn’t process the news, convinced I was daydreaming again and soon something would startle me back to reality.  Then I started getting emails with words like “contract” and “final manuscript deadline” in them.  It hit me.  Bam, ton of bricks.  At last, I’ll be able to get my hands dirty in the publishing biz, really do the nitty-gritty editing work I’ve been dreaming of to get The Door to January spiffed up and ready to hit bookshelves in Spring ’17.  I’m ecstatic, and even more thrilled to be able to share this news with my family and friends who’ve supported me all along.

I’ll continue to post updates about the process here, and I look forward to sharing The Door to January with you all.  Stay strange, people.

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